August 11, 2015



The Greek letter eta (η) is the symbol for the efficiency coefficient. η symbolises the passion for energy efficiency at ETAtec.

We save you money, we help to conserve resources and minimise the impact on the environment:
Optimising the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental.

– providing multi level Energy Audits and NABERS Rating which gives you a clear picture on how your building performs

– providing Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC) under the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program

– providing products and know how on how to improve the energy efficiency and reduce cost of your building


Recent projects include

– BEEC (NABERS rating and Lighting Audit) for two government agency buildings
– BEEC (NABERS rating and Lighting Audit) for office buildings
– NABERS rating of office buildings and Melbourne local government buildings
– Energy Audit in the hospitality industry

Previous projects include

– Retrofit of LED lighting in Melbourne CBD carparks
– Retrofit of LED lighting in office buildings
– LED High Bay lighting in Adelaide warehouse

To ensure independent advise and to maintain our independence from product sales and avoiding conflicting interests we are focusing now on audits and ratings.


ETAtec Overview and Activities

NABERS accreditation: 90063
CBD Assessor accreditation: CBDA0320



ETAtec – Energy Efficiency
ABN 47 962 873 739
0423 336 506





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