August 11, 2015



The Greek letter eta (η) is the symbol for the efficiency coefficient. η symbolises the passion for energy efficiency at ETAtec.

We save you money, we help to conserve resources and minimise the impact on the environment:
Optimising the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental.

– providing multi level Energy Audits and NABERS Rating which gives you a clear picture on how your building performs

– providing Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEEC) under the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program

– providing products and know how on how to improve the energy efficiency and reduce cost of your building


Recent projects include

– BEEC (NABERS rating and Lighting Audit) for two government agency buildings
– BEEC (NABERS rating and Lighting Audit) for office buildings
– NABERS rating of office buildings and Melbourne local government buildings
– Energy Audit in the hospitality industry

Previous projects include

– Retrofit of LED lighting in Melbourne CBD carparks
– Retrofit of LED lighting in office buildings
– LED High Bay lighting in Adelaide warehouse



ETAtec Overview and Activities

NABERS accreditation: 90063
CBD Assessor accreditation: CBDA0320



ETAtec – Energy Efficiency
ABN 47 962 873 739
0423 336 506





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