August 18, 2015


We provide independent advise on products enhancing energy efficiency. We have extended experience on –

Voltage Control

Voltage control to operate your equipment most efficiently – for more information click here

Power Factor correction

Power Factor Correction to avoid being penalised by demand charges – for more information click here

LED lighting

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is a wise investment as lighting accounts for a significant part of the total energy consumption in a commercial building, often more than 20%. Significant savings can be achieved.

The development in lighting technology progresses currently very fast, it is important to balance between state-of-the-art technology, proven technologies and initial investment.

LED technology is an investment in
– lower energy consumption – significant cost savings
– longer life span – reducing maintenance costs, given the right product
– safer products, no mercury
– better light quality – less flicker and a more natural appearance
– lower heat emission – additional savings on cooling energy
see also: Why LED

Renewable Energy

We are now venturing into renewable energy generation, with a focus on windpower. Please vistit for more information.