December 2, 2015

Types of LED tubes


Good to know: Wiring for LED tubes:

On the market are are currently ‘type A’ and ‘type B’ tubes, as defined in AS/NZS 60598.

Difference is that pins on the non-powered end of type A tubes are interconnected, while they are insulated on type B tubes. This has some implication on wiring and replacing tubes.

type a and type b

When replacing a tube it matters how the batten is wired. A tube should be used in an accordingly wired batten only. LED tubes are powered on one end only, it is important that the tube is not reversed.

– a type B tube in a type A wired batten will not work, but is still safe.
– a type A tube in a type B batten will work safely, if fitted correctly. If however a type A type tube is reversed in a type B batten, this will trigger the HRC fuse as  the connected ends will create a shortcut.
– if a fluorescent tube is accidentally fitted into a LED lamp holder, the HRC (High Rupture Capacity) fuse will protect the circuit.

type a-b in type b-a lampholder


led tube types


According to AS/NZS 60598 type B lamps will be phased out in 2017.